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Dear Girls’ Generation, over the course of 7 years you guys have achieved so much, form being the first and only girl group ever to win the Disk Daesang Award at the Golden Disk Award, to selling over 1 million copies with your debut Japanese album, to winning Video of the Year at the first ever YouTube Music Awards, but one of the highest achievements I think you guys received was being named as “The Nation’s Girl Group" of South Korea, a name that will probably never be given to any girl group again. Being praised on such a high level from your own country or 7/9 of you really is amazing. Even though I have only been a fan for 5/7 years of your career I, like many other Sones have become happier people with your music and personalities and as the years go by people still doubt your success but let’s be honestly you girls aren’t slowing down soon, like honestly as I type this you guys have the #1 album in Japan for the 2nd week! To conclude this I that know you guys will probably never read this but I know you guys do love us SONEs who will always be supporting you no matter who you date, no matter how successful or unsuccessful you guys are, whatever you girls go through we will be here cheering you on, like Tiffany said “7 years and forever”.

Sincerely, Sheldon(Jessicajuns)

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f(x)’s Red Light : minimalist posters 

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9 angels, 156+ awards, 4 mini albums, 1 fanclub, 4 studio albums, 50+ endorsements, 6 tours, and 1 sub-unit all in 7 years. 

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funny snsd backstage moments

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Happy 7th anniversary to the girl group that make me smile, to that one that it’s my inspiration to be a better person, to the nine dorkiest, sexiest, beautiful and flawless girls in less words Happy anniversary to 소녀시대 aka Girls’ Generation.

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Best Of Best Concert HK - Taeyeon ©

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27/30 Taeyeon's fancams.

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Until forever…

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SNSD’s Into the New World Performances 2007-2014

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10/100 of sulli in performances | 140705 Music Core - All Night

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